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 My routine changes a lot daily because I work part time and Andy works shifts and at least half of the weekend so my responsibilities are all jumbled up

6-7 am

get up, if possible do yoga before the kids wake up

grab breakfast, tea and get dressed


 on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays  leave for work (I sometimes do school/nursery drop offs but am normally on pick up duty)
           On Tuesdays and Wednesdays I try to get a start on Uni reading (usually liberally ,  with gawking at twitter) inbetween requests for more milk / the telly on / general attention
          On Saturdays and Sundays I get the kids to clamber in to bed with me and we'll watch Steven Universe on the laptop

         Monday Thursday Friday: Arrive at work, Make tea
         Tuesday/Wednesday: Help get Isabella ready for school
         Sat/Sun: Continue being unwashed


Tuesday/Wednesday: Isabella leaves for school with Andy and I'll set Ramona up with a film or tv show to watch while I try to get 25 minutes work done. I will be interrupted with requests for snacks.

Tuesday/Wednesday: If I haven't done yoga early on then I get it done now, if not I'll see if Ramona wants me to play with her (she likes to send me out the room in engaged in full on imaginative play) then I'll try for 25 more minutes of uni work
            Sat/Sun: On Saturday I'll get them ready for drama class and Sunday everyone drifts off to do their own thing for a big, Isabella on her table/with a book in her wardrobe, Ramona playing with her figures, me reading etc


Tea and a snack at home and at work
Tuesday: Washing / tidying up
Wednesday: Uni work / writing
Saturday: Usually Andy takes them to drama class as he is mostly off on a Saturday and this is prime time for Uni work


Lunch time


Tuesday and Wednesday: Play with Ramona, if I am allowed


Tuesday: Leave to pick up Isabella from school, this is my only straight from school pick up each week so I try to do something nice after depending on the weather - we go to the library once a month, we might go to the park or to the local coffee shop or to the local toy shop and get a small thing or just home and have hot chocolates if it is raining

 Wednesday: Andy takes the girls to gymnastics and I spend the next three hours doing as much uni work /writing as possible

Sat/Sun: On the day Andy is off we try to spend some time together, plus keep on top of the chores 
                 On the day Andy is at work, we either go to my Mum's, the park or stay inside all afternoon and have a living room disco
                 Once a month or so we will go to the cinema

4.30 - 5.30: 

Monday: Leave work at 4.40 - run for 4.50 train, pick up Ramona at nursery, put her in the buggy (only time she still goes in) and run round to pick up Isabella before 5.40

Tuesday/Sat/Sun: Free time for the kids tablet/tv/drawing, I will tidy up, organise dinner and probably stare at social media

Thursday: make another cup of tea (still at work)

Friday: same, unless it's the once a month I have gone for a glass of wine

5.30 - 6.30

Monday: start dinner as soon as I get in at 6, get Isabella to do her homework

Tuesday: Dinner, then reading homework for Isabella

Wednesday: Kids get back at 6, I stop working and Andy makes dinner while I chat to the girls

Thursday: Finish work at 6.30

Friday: my Mother in law has given the kids dinner so I chat to her and the girls

Sat/Sun: Dinner one day all together and one day 3 of us

6.30 - 7.30

Monday -Friday  Bedtime for the girls: they get 30 mins on their tablets in the room while I either tidy up or if I haven't managed to fit in either yoga or some kettle bell I do it then 

Sat/Sun we watch doctor who / steven universe or a film together 

7 - 8

Everyday: teeth brushing and stories: one for Ramona (current faves: The Worst Princess, Chu's Day, Munch) and then me and Isabella read page about of her bedtime book (working out way through Narnia right now) , we try to do a chapter but often everyone is asleep before that, sometimes including me. I do most bedtimes as Andy often works late.


TIdy up some more, have a cup of tea occasionally a glass of wine and read a bit if Andy's not in, if he is chat and catch up


watch something we have recorded, either something I'm watching alone or with Andy depending on the day 

11: My bedtime: try to take off my make-up off and do serum, night cream etc but often do not have the energy.

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I really like the idea of having somewhere to spill my thoughts that isn't twitter. I've missed having that sort of thing since I fell away from using LiveJournal after I had Isabella, even though I had just had something big, interesting and spectacular happen to me I didn't really have the words, or the physical and mental space, to write about it in any coherent way. I'm gonna try and aim to write something at least once a week.

In other new I'm coming to the end of my Open Uni degree - one essay and a final project to go. I started it when Ramona was four months old and I'll finish it when she's just turned four and it's mostly been a really good experience, it's given me the confidence to write creatively again and to get my work published but right now I am just so tired and I will be glad to be finished for at least five minutes. Then I'll start looking into doing my masters, maybe. But for this week I'll just concentrate on getting my essay done.

Annnd best of all my darling Tukru is coming up this week to visit me, it has been too long since I've seen her in the flesh and I am super excited to just hang out with her and my tiny girl gang.

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