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Jul. 23rd, 2017 11:09 pm
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i feel like i need to gush somewhere and secret twitter isn't secret enough, but you know how i have that secret crush? well we were supposed to go to the moomin adventure thing at southbank centre on the saturday between our birthdays but had to cancel cos she had unexpected expenses and she couldn't afford it, and also some other birthday plans got cancelled. Well, we booked our tickets yesterday. i booked the moomin tickets, she booked the train and paypalled me for the other bit. and i'm super excited because i'm a hopeless need and nothing is going to happen except we get to hang out in the flesh and it'll be great. it's not for another month but... also going to Cambridge the weekend before to hang out with Bodø buddies cos it'll have been a year and i was just reading a thing about Chester Bennington and got feels cos i had temporarily forgotten.

after reading this everyone will know who the secret crush is cos i totally tweeted about moomin adventures and tagged her in it so i'm really stealthy as fuck. and i'm not even going to lock this cos i live dangerously. also i need to go to bed so bad right now.

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